i was paying about $80 a month on my new appt. and is about 600sft.

TOday i got my monthly bill and got $180 for one month with out ussing my central air and no heater. hope someone will read this before making the bad choice of chossing the bad fisrst choice power suckers. hope they go out of bussines for stealing too much from texas.

i made this change cause someone recommended me but that was the worst choice i ever made. the person who told me about has a different provider i think i should keep on looking for a better company.

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Wow, I am really shocked to hear all of this about First Choice. They have just been so excellent since I started using them a little over 2 years ago!

I'm lucky, I suppose, because they've never overbilled or upped my bill from one month to the next.

When I was on maternity leave and had NO income coming in, they totally worked with me until I got back to work and started making money again. I'm so sorry some of you are having *** :)


i worked for a 3rd party verification company that 1st choice power uses(data exchange,we were not allowed to tell customers we were from a different company,which was strange because if a customer has a question,we're not allowed to answer it because we don't know the program details..we read from scripts)..well i strongly believe this company is running scams.especially the Spanish speaking door to door agents.there have been numerous times i felt the agent was pretending to be the customer.(i once talked to a male agent who was enrolling a female customer,and he pretended to be her by holding his nose thinking he would sound more feminine.)our policy is to submit suspicious call reviews to Q A department and every time i submitted a call review that would be bad for the agent, i felt nothing ever happened to them.i.e i wouldn't verify for the agent in question for maybe 3 days but then somehow they would be back selling electricity to innocent customers..its like all they got was a suspension for impersonating customers and then they could continue working for the company..something is definitely fishy about this company...

Roachdale, Indiana, United States #234299

The same thing has happened to me! I was gone on vacation and everything was unplugged except of course for my frige.

Somehow it still deducted money from my account. I complained, ONCOR was sent, they replaced the meter because supposedly it was not sending any information, so how did they even figure what I owed them? I have noticed it goes up around the holidays. I am hardly home, when I am I watch t.v.

for an hour or 2 before bed and I seldomly use my central hvac system and hardly cook. My bill is usually 60-100$ a month but now it's 200-300$ at around 20$ every 3 days. The Representative told me that a meter is like a car and that if it brakes it doeasn't spoeed up, just shuts down. He had an excuse for everything and even suggested I was lying about not being in my home!

A smart meter is an electronic device, electronic devices can do all kinds of crazy things when they brake. I can't afford to live like this and I get no explanation from these people, all they do is read back my kilowatt hours.

Funny thing IS HE READ BACK MY KILOWATT HOURS FROM WHEN THE METER WAS SUPPOSEDLY SENDING NO INFORMATION! I was supposed to be credited when the meter was found to be broken which would have meant a lot of money going back into my account because I have been overcharged for over 2 months now!


Dear Anonymous,

I am sorry to hear about your recent experience with First Choice Power.

I'd like to look at your account and try to help.

Can you please e-mail me your account number and the best way to contact you directly.

Thank you,

Catherine Carlton

First Choice Power manager


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