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I sincerely regret ever switching to First Choice Power. I was told I would not have a deposit by a door-to-door salesperson and that I would save money.

A few months in, I signed up for auto payment and they drafted the payment EARLY, not on the due date as I was told, and proceeded to charge me a $260 deposit and $80 in misc. fees. Customer service was unfriendly and unhelpful and we had to wrestle out of the supervisor the phone# for collections who supposedly were the only people that could remove it. Thank God the man at collections understood the situation and removed the deposit charge (even though the *** customer service people noted my account not to - mind you I was on the phone crying to these people).

So it would seem that at least somebody there fixed my problem - but wait.

I just got this month's bill. What do you know?? Somehow I supposedly used almost 3x as much energy as last month which raises my bill well over the $260 they removed. Last month, about 1200 KWH.

This month the bill says I used over 3100 which is NOT POSSIBLE. We try to conserve power as much as we can. We haven't been running the A/C more heavily, have no new appliances, nothing can explain how it could jump that much. I wish I had proof and had been looking at the meter once a month so I could prove it - something I will be doing from now on to keep these people honest.

So I guess they're just going to get their money any way they can regardless - this time in KWH so I can't do anything about it.

I am getting rid of this company as soon as my contract is up and it won't be soon enough. Do not get service from these people. Do not sign a contract.

Go with Reliant. While the cost per KWH is a bit more it is well worth it because they won't charge insane fees or send you bills with insane KWH usage on it, and their customer service is helpful and kind.

Review about: First Choice Power Electricity Supply.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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So, here is an update. I continued to have problems with billing. I was sent another bill the next month that claimed I was past due $9, even though I had paid my entire balance the month before. I call Customer Service (don't even bother), and they tell me it's past due from 3 MONTHS before the recent bill!! Are you serious? I just sent you people over $600 and you're telling me I neglected to pay you $9 for 3 months??? Rediculous. Also, the customer service person spouted amounts she said were on my current bill, which I had a hard copy right in front of me, and NOTHING in her system matched anything on my bill remotely. I asked why her system did not match any of my bills OR their website and she was unable to answer me and got very snippy. I can't trust a company who does that sort of accounting, that is just a very large, bright, red flag.

Needless to say I have had enough and have switched to Reliant (which is actually giving me a better rate!) since I had them years ago and they were very reputable. First Choice charged me a $295 early disconnection fee, which is not surprising. I was originally told it was $250 but wow big shocker, they lied again! So... because they are so awful, I paid my entire electric balance PLUS some toward the disconnect fee, and have continued to make payments toward the disconnect fee. I was told you had the right in TX to pay the fee out monthly payments, and have been doing so. Well, guess who called me today? A COLLECTION AGENCY. I don't feel I should have to send FCP money at all, so naturally, I am livid that I send money anyway, and they send my account to collections!!

On another note, they have an in-house collection department which never once contacted me if they had a problem. Yet just a month after I switch, my account is sent to one of those sleazy collections agencies where the people are inept and very rude.

First Choice Power - if you people don't want my money I won't send any. If you do want it, I'll keep sending payments until the fee is paid off. Just let me know. The collection agency will get nothing from me, I HATE those bottom feeders and don't do business with them.



I'm a manager at First Choice Power, saw your post and want to help you.

I am sorry to hear about your experience with my company.

I want to try to make it better.

Can you please e-mail me with your account number so I can research and follow up with you directly?

I look forward to hearing from you.



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