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They send out disconnect notices just a few days after you are late. What a chance that is?

The guys that come to your house built up this company to us. That we would save so much money but it is a lie. They charge you the consumer a $2.25 disconnection notice fee. A fee for them to send you a disconnect notice.

I haven't been happy about their service for awhile but I didn't know until now how others felt too.

I am glad that I found this website. I am going to have to decide whether to stick with First Choice Power or go elsewhere.

Monetary Loss: $187.

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Ambient Energy is the same way!!!!!


I disconnected service with them and told the rep I wanted them to cancel my account on the 1st of January 2010. I paid all the remaining balance due with the next billing cycle.

In February I received another bill around $100. I called and asked why.

The representative said even though I told them to cancel my service on a certain day, they did not do it on that day and it took them a couple of extra weeks, and since they supplied the power for that period I was responsible for it! I asked if she relizes how *** that sounds and she said sorry that is their policy!


I am very furious with this company that services my parents home in Uvalde, Texas. They sent 1 of their reps a long time ago and really made a sale on their company that would save them lots of money.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, another rep called my parents and told my mom that they noticed that she is such a good customer and always pays on time. Because of this, they had an offer that would save them lots of money and that all she had to do was agree for the cheaper service and her next month's bill would be lower than previously. Well, the bill was $475.00 compared to $187.00. This bill contained a disconnection fee of $150.00 even though my parents were unaware of this surcharge.

They lied to my parents who are on a fixed income and truly expected my parents to be satisfied with their service. I think that this company should be terminated and that the Better Business Bureau needs to launch an investigation with the Utilities Regulatory Office in the state of Texas for the misinformation they give to their clients, especially the elderly in rural communities.


I've been told that they issue disconnect notices the day after your bill is due. I guess everyone should just pay your bill on time like the rest of us. Every company charges a disconnect fee.


I have no change in living and my kwh jumped double and money wise jumped a third.





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